Gearing up for V24

Gearing up for V24

We’re a couple of weeks out from our fourth ever vintage and once again we’re upping our game and further blurring the lines on what wine in Aotearoa can be. Nothing defines this notion more than L’Orange, our wine/cider hybrid combining locally sourced grape skins with locally grown pomme fruit (Organic of course!). This is a particularly hands on cuvée and timing is of the essence as we hustle to rejuvenate the grape skins with fresh juice before they go hungry!

In a bid to elevate this process we’ve grabbed a new open top tank to make bâtonnage a breeze and open the door to bigger and better macérations. 

It’s ex dairy and will become the centrepiece in our ever expanding collection of stainless steel. 

On a side note we’re down to the last few cases of 2023 L’Orange so if you haven’t tried it yet or want to put some away for a vertical tasting session now’s your chance. No two vintages will ever be the same!


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