From a place we call home

We know wine is made from grapes and cider is made from apples, but what about all the other amazing fruit varieties? Fruit Cru.

Locally sourced organic and foraged fruit, fermented naturally using wild yeast and bottled alive. Unfiltered, unfined and vegan friendly.

A unique expression of the place we call home.

What we've been up to

Jesse & Cosmo

We started Fruit Cru in 2021 in a storage unit in Newtown, Wellington. Keen to create something fresh and unique we set to work with whatever organic fruit we could get our hands on. Apples, quinces, feijoas & kiwifruit. We co-fermented three small tanks and threw a party. It went off. Now we've built a small winery in the heart of Te Aro to create expressive bottles of sparkling fruit wine. Organic and foraged fruit, wild ferments and no added sulphur.