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Fruit Cru Ltd

Fruit Cru Aimé 2023

Fruit Cru Aimé 2023

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Aimé is a semi carbonic berry blend and one of our most popular drops. This is the second iteration of this cuvée and the final release from our 2023 vintage. It's created as an ode to one of our favourite apples; the legendary Granny Smith. Well known for acidity and tang, we’ve balanced it out with Doyenne du Comice pears and juicy blackcurrants for fruit forward juiciness. It’s been doing the rounds on tap for a wee while now in some of the best bars in Pōneke and now it’s time for a full release.

Deep red in complexion and incredibly juicy Aimé is hard to say but easy to drink.

It means love and we hope you love it too!

750ml - 6.4% abv

Wild ferment, No Additives, Vegan.

1000 Bottles Produced

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