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Fruit Cru Feijoa 2023

Fruit Cru Feijoa 2023

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A flavour unique to Aotearoa and the world's first Feijoa Pét Nat!

We originally planned on this being a blending tool but the result was so incredible it went straight into bottle. This was the star of the show at our recent appearance at the Bottletops Natural Wine Fair in Hobart as it drinks more like a wine than a cider. 

Mineral driven and refreshing with a rounded puckering acidity and light sparkles. 

Juicy feijoas from Gary & Georgina Campbell co-fermented with Braeburn, Gala & Crab  Apples from Heretaunga.

The Australians call it Feeeyoya!

750ml - 7.0% abv

Wild ferment, no additives, bottled live.

2000 Bottles Produced

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