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Winter Three Pack

Winter Three Pack

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An online only winter three pack featuring our most experimental Pét Nat to date! This one has been conditioning in bottle for a little over two years and only 200 bottles have been produced. We’ve boxed it up with the last of our most popular 22’s; Aimé & Feijoa. Blackcurrants, beetroots, elderflowers and blueberries all in full effect, grab a pack and pop one in front of a roaring fire with your nearest and dearest. 


2021 Winter Pét Nat: 

Blackcurrant and beetroot juice fermented on Braeburn and Gala skins for six weeks then bottled. Bottle conditioned for two years to develop richness and depth. A rich full bodied cider with rounded acid and earthy undertones.

750ml - wild ferment - no additives - only 200 bottles produced


2022 Fruit Cru Aimé

A true fruit Pét Nat and our first field blend. Juicy and fragrant with a bold body and plenty of fizz. Aimé is a blend of mixed heritage apples, semi carbonic fermented blueberries and fresh elderflowers. A complex cuvée with balanced tannins and an energetic aroma - you get the full orchard in this one!

750ml - wild ferment - no additives


2022 Fruit Cru Feijoa

A flavour unique to Aotearoa and quite possibly the first feijoa Pét Nat ever made. 72 hours of maceration on skins and a harmonious co-ferment of feijoas and heritage apples. Complex and deep, this one is more fruit wine than cider, with soft bubbles and an elegant fruit driven palette. 

750ml - wild ferment  - no additives


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