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Fruit Cru Quinze 2023

Fruit Cru Quinze 2023

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The first cuvée we ever produced and still a fan favourite. When we first started fermenting in 2021 we foraged some unusual looking quinces from a nearby reserve and added them to a stash of heritage apples we had collected in Te Horo. The quince turned out to be a Japanese Flowering Quince and the result was an enormous fruit driven Pét Nat bursting with complex floral aromas.

Two years later and we're releasing it for the third time. Heritage apples from Barbara at Te Horo Harvest co-fermented with Doyenne de Comice, Beurre Bosc, Pineapple Quince & Japanese Flowering Quince. Bright and juicy with stacks of energy and vitality. 

Summer in a bottle!

750ml - 7.0% abv

Wild ferment, no additives, bottled live.

2000 Bottles Produced

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